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belaboring the obvious

Posted by watsonlibrary on September 28, 2006

I admit I half expected quite a flurry of initial activity in this space once we got it up and running — soft launch or not. The fact that it hasn’t yet made me wonder what might be slowing its roll out. Being crazy busy with other tasks was the most obvious answer. I knew it couldn’t be shyness, not from this crowd.

I wonder whether it’s an uncertainty how best to wield this new tool: “I can’t think of anything worth putting on the blog.”

Bear in mind that posts on the blog don’t have to be about the blog; they don’t have to be about Web/Library 2.0. They can be about any topic relevant to the work done in the museum’s libraries. Judging from the attendance at Monday’s meeting, there are ‘web moles’ in nearly every unit of the Watson Library and a goodly number of the independent libraries.

Think of this blog as a de facto WATSON-L. It will never be as immediate as sending an email to a colleague to ask a question or raise a concern. But when you want to reach out to or solicit feedback from a larger community, this is the place.

  • Thinking of sending one of those blanket emails to all the library staff?
  • Rolling out some new feature or policy?
  • Need feedback on selecting or ceasing a reference or serial title?
  • Find a really cool web site that might be valuable for reference or for staff professional development? (Here’s my most recent favorite: Making Time for Library 2.0, which I featured on my own blog.)
  • Need to post a meeting reminder?

These are just my top of the head thoughts about ways to use the blog. It doesn’t come close to covering the full range of possibilities.

Ross (“again?!”)


One Response to “belaboring the obvious”

  1. Hi Ross! from a web mole. I will try to set aside 30 min. a day for library 2.0. That’s not much time to take in everything, but a start hopefully. Thanks for featuring that posting (making time…) on your blog.


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